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Damien Paul Kuffler
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damien_kuffler.jpgDamien Paul Kuffler
1969 B.S. Zoología, Universidad. Massachusetts, Amherst.
1975 Ph.D. Neurobiología, UCLA, Departamento de Biología, Asesor: Dr. AD Grinnell.
1989 Habilitación (segundo Doctorado) Neurobiología de la Universidad de Basilea, Basilea, Suiza

Postdoctorales de formación:
1975 UCLA, Departamento de Biología (Dr. A. D. Grinnell)
1976-79 de la Universidad de Oslo, Noruega, Departamento de Fisiología (Dr. JKS Jansen)
1979-84 Stanford Univ.. De Stanford, del Departamento de Neurobiología ¬ (Dr. McMahan UJ)

1984-90 Profesor Asistente, Departamento de Farmacología, Biocenter, UNIV. de Basilea, Suiza.
1990 - Profesor Asociado, inst. Departamento de Neurobiología y de Physiol., UP, San Juan, PR
1998 - Profesor, Inst.. de Neurobiología y el Departamento de Fisiología, UPR, San Juan, PR
1998 - Veterans Administration Hospital, San Juan, Investigador
2005 - Departamento de Cirugía Ortopédica, UPR, San Juan, PR, Investigador

1969-75 U.S.P.H.S. Beca Predoctoral
1975 U.S.P.H.S. Beca Postdoctoral
1976-78 Asociación de Distrofia Muscular de América
1978 Beca del Consejo Nacional de Investigación, Noruega,
1979-80 Paraplejia Fundación Nacional de Becas de Jordania
1981-83 NIH Research Fellowship Award
1984 Investigador Asociado-March of Dimes Sup - puerto

Selected Regeneration Ppapers out of 62
1. Kuffler, D.P. (1986a). Isolated satellite cells of a peri¬pheral nerve direct the growth of regenerating axons. J. Comp. Neurol. 249:57-64.
2. Kuffler, D.P. (1986b). Accurate reinnervation of motor end plates after disruption of sheath cells and muscle fibers. J. Comp. Neurol. 250:228-235.
3. Kuffler, D.P. (1987). Long-distance regulation of regener¬ating frog axons. J. expl. Biol. 132:151-160.
4. Kuffler, D.P. (1989). Regeneration of muscle axons in frog is di¬rected by diffusible factors from denervated muscle fibers and nerve tubes. J. Comp. Neurol. 281:416-425.
5. Kuffler, D.P. (1994). Promoting and Directing Axon Outgrowth. Molecular Biol. Molec. Neurobiol. 9:233-243.
6. Kuffler, D.P. & O. Megwinoff, (1994). Neurotrophic influence of denervated sciatic nerve on adult dorsal root ganglion neurons. J. Neurobiol. 25:1267-1282.
7. Dobretsov, M., A. Dobretsov, & D.P. Kuffler (1994). Influence of factors released from sciatic nerve on adult dorsal root ganglion neurons. J. Neurobiol. 25:1249-1266.
8. Kuffler, D.P. (1996). Chemoattraction of sensory neuron growth cones by diffusible concentration gradients of acetylcholine. Molec. Chem. Neuropath. 28:199-208.
9. Kuffler, D.P. (1996). Chemotropic factors direct regenerating axons. News in Phys. Sci. 11:219-222.
10. Pérez, N.L., M.S. Sosa, & D.P. Kuffler (1997). Growth cones turn up concentration gradients of diffusible peripheral target-derived factors. Exp. Neurol. 145:196-202.
11. Xie, F., G. Latalladi, & D.P. Kuffler  (1998). Neurotrophic influence of sciatic nerve-released factors on adult motor neurons in vitro. J. Periph. Nerv. Sys. 3:1-10.
12. Sosa, I., O. Reyes, A., Inserni, & D.P. Kuffler (1998). Isolation and long-term survival of adult human sensory neurons in vitro. Neurosurgery 42:681-686.
13. Hill, E., G. Latalladi, & D.P. Kuffler (1999). Diffusible concentration gradients of target-derived factors direct motor axon regeneration in vitro. Neurosci. Lett. 277:87-90.
14. Zheng, M. & D.P. Kuffler, 2000). Regenerating axons in vivo grow up concentration gradients of target-derived factors. J. Neurobiol. 42:212-219.
15. Sosa, I., O. Reyes, & D.P. Kuffler (2005). Immunosuppressants: Neuroprotection and Promoting Neurological Recovery. Exp. Neurology. 195:7-15.
16. Reyes, O., I. Sosa & D.P. Kuffler (2005). Promoting neurological recovery following a traumatic peripheral nerve injury. PR Health Sci. J., 24: 215-224
17. Castro, C. & D.P. Kuffler. (2006). Membrane Bound CSPG Mediates Growth Cone Outgrowth and Substrate Specificity by Schwann Cell Contact with the DRG Neuron Cell Body and not via Growth Cone Contact. Expl. Neurol. 200 (1):19-25.     
18. Reyes, O., I. Sosa, J. Santiago & D.P. Kuffler (2007). A Novel Clinical Technique Leading to Full Sensory and Motor Recovery Across a Long Peripheral Nerve Gap. PR Health Sci J. 26;225-228.
19. Kuffler, D.P. (2009). Current and Evolving Techniques for Promoting Axon Regeneration and Neurological Recovery. Intl. Rec. Neurobiol. 87:chapter 18:347-362.
20. Kuffler, D.P., I.J. Sosa & and O. Reyes. (2009). Schwann Cell CSPG Inhibits Dorsal Root Ganglion Neuron Neurite Outgrowth and Substrate Specificity via a Soma and not Growth Cone Mechanism. J. Neurosci. Res. 87:2863-2871.
21. Kuffler, D.P. (2009). Enhancement of Nerve Regeneration and Recovery by Immunosuppressive Agents. In Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration. Int. Rev. Neurobiol. edited by Stefano Geuna, Pierluigi Tos, Bruno Battiston. v 87.  (in press).
22. Kuffler, D.P., I.J. Sosa & J. Santiago-Figueroa. (2009). Repairing Long Peripheral Nerve Gaps following Traumatic Injuries. Intl. Rev. Armed Forces Medical Services. (accepted)

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